Australia is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world, with a large economy. Australia is an ideal country when it comes to aspects such as lifestyle, health, education, economic freedom, and the security of civil liberties and political rights.

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The government of Australian welcomes applicants applying for Australia skilled migration and encourages international skilled workers to come and settle in Australia. There are over 21 percentages of global students studying in Australia and the universities are open to all the international students. Australia has a strong economy for the skilled immigrants who wish to immigrate to Australia. It is a promised land to millions of potential immigrants that provide a great quality of life with several lifelong benefits.

Here are some benefits of gaining permanent residency in Australia through the best Australia immigration consultants.

1. Freedom to Work: the aspect of work permit is one the most important one which allows the permanent residents of Australia to work for any employer in any occupation. Permanent residents enjoy the same benefits under these laws as the citizens. They can become a part of trade unions and can claim worker’s compensation.


2. Freedom to Travel: Once you have gained Australian PR, you are free to move in and out of the country for the duration specified on your visa which is normally of five years. However, if your visa expires, you’ll be allowed to continue to stay in Australia, but you’ll not be able to move out of the country without getting your visa renewed.

3. Freedom to pursue higher education: There are certain study loans which are only available for the permanent residents. These loans are extremely helpful when it comes to enrolling in higher education.


4. Healthcare facilities: With Australian PR you become eligible for Medicare, which is a comprehensive coverage, which covers all the possible aspects of healthcare possible.

5 Social welfare benefits: Once you become an Australian Permanent Resident, you will also be entitled to use Centrelink which is a master program of the Department of Human Services run by the Australian Government which is devoted to social security payment disbursement. The social security advantages given out by this department extend to students, families, retirees, unemployed, parents and people with disabilities.


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